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The Path To Prosperity.....................

Discover Your Inner Power

A Journey to Self-Love ❤️

11 Days of Empowerment and Healing

Limited Time Offer !

This Course Is For You If....

  • You Struggle with Self-Doubt

  • You Feel Overwhelmed by External Pressures

  • You depend on others for validation

  • You Struggle with self-criticism

  • You experience negative self-perception

  • You Lack a consistent self-care routine

...then this is for you!

Are you ready to transform your life and embrace your true self? Welcome to "Discover Your Inner Power: A Journey to Self-Love," an empowering course designed to help you cultivate self-love, recognize your self-worth, and live authentically.

Here are 11 Learnings you’ll do in the next 11 days:

Day 1

08:50 Mins

Day 2

12:53 Mins

Day 3

07:37 Mins

Day 4

13:28 Min

Day 5

10:46 Mins

Day 6

19:17 Mins

Day 7

17:30 Min

Day 8

13:11 Mins

Day 9

11:41 Mins

Day 10

13:08 Min

Day 11

12:31 Mins

After this Course, You will....

  • Empower Your Choices: Learn to make decisions based on your inner desires, not external pressures.

  • Recognize Your Self-Worth: Understand and appreciate your intrinsic value, independent of external validation.

  • Harness the Power of Affirmations: Use powerful and magical affirmations to reprogram your mindset and manifest your dreams.

  • Develop Self-Compassion: Practice kindness towards yourself and overcome harsh self-criticism.

  • Set Healthy Boundaries: Learn to establish and maintain boundaries that protect your well-being.

  • Build Resilience: Strengthen your ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges with a positive mindset.

  • Cultivate Mindfulness: Incorporate mindfulness practices to stay present and connected to your inner self.

  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence: Improve your understanding and management of emotions for better relationships and self-awareness.

  • Create a Self-Care Routine: Design a personalized self-care routine that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit.

Meet Your Host

Dr Neeti Kaushik

India's Leading Life Transformational Coach

"Nitty Gritty with Dr Neeti Kaushik” is a series of transformational sessions for all age groups, personally guided by Dr Neeti Kaushik, an educationist for 35 years & a heartfelt desire to serve humanity.

She has written 50 plus books on life skills and value-based education & bagged numerous awards and accolades for her enormous contribution to the education world. Her sessions help the uninitiated to get an insight into their lives (life’s quest, purpose, fears, goals, beliefs, self love )and easy-to-implement remedies, making the transformational journey truly resultoriented.

Dr Neeti Kaushik offers guided sessions aimed at one’s Personal and Spiritual Growth – Meditational practices, Chakras, Astrology, Numerology, Manifestation Techniques, Creating Vision Boards, Crystals Guidance, Moon-Meditation for Empowered Emotions, Simple healing practices , importance of Emotions & Gratefulness. The list focus to evolve as the BEST version of ourselves. Happy Journey Within!!

Join Dr. Neeti's mission to Transform Your Mindset and Attract Prosperity and take your Life to the next level today.

Dr. Neeti Kaushik Empowering Individuals in Enhancing Their Manifestation Abilities

Ready to Manifest Abundance? Join Us Now!

Dr. Neeti Kaushik Empowering Individuals in Enhancing Their Manifestation Abilities

Take the first step toward a more empowered, self-loving you. Join us and discover your inner power today!

A Powerful Program That Delivers Life Changing Results!

Akriti Pareek

Good afternoon, Mam.

I have to share that one of my wishes from my vision board has been fulfilled today. I have received a promotion at my workplace.

Grateful to the Almighty and to you for all your guidance.

Thank you, Mam.

Deepa Jaju

Hello ma'am,

Manifested my goal from my vision board today. My son got placed as an intern at Microsoft Research. I'm too happy! Thank you, universe, for the blessings.

Thank you so much, Niti ma'am and Bharati ma'am.

Veena Sharma Behl

Thank you, Dr. Neeti! I did all three activities and danced—wow, I was feeling so happy, like I got everything I wanted in life. Thank you, universe. Thank you, God almighty. And thanks to sweet Dr. Neety, who changed our lives magically with her informative videos. Thanks to her team as well, such a cooperative team.

Harsha Mirchandani

Hi ma'am,

My heartfelt gratitude to you for hand-holding us and for making our manifestations come true. I had manifested my 25th anniversary in Europe and celebrated it yesterday at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Here is a small pic.

Thank you so much, ma'am. Loads of love to you. May God bless you with the best.

Love you, ma'am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anitha Mehta

Dear Neeti ji,

Thank you so much for coming into our life. God sends someone to show the right path for the people he loves. For me and my family, God has chosen you.

Almost I had lost hope in my life completely. For a while, I felt nothing could change my world now, whether it's personal life, official life, or financial life.

A few months back, I started watching your videos and followed them. I thought, let's see, let's give it one more try. I can't believe it worked. Impossible things turned possible, and today I am so, so happy and now want to live my life to the fullest. I have almost found a solution to my problems.

Thank you so much. Lots of love to you, and be happy. Let God give you everything you wish for in your life.

Neelam Kaletha

Hello Neeti ma'am, Bharti ma'am,
I'm Neelam Kaletha (NK), and I really admire you, Neeti ma'am. You are an inspiration, an angel sent by the universe. In every word you speak, I find answers to my questions. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

I'm one of you all who created a vision board for the first time. After that, the magic began...

From 16th to 23rd January, I visited Gokarna Beach in Karnataka with my family, which I had been planning for the last 7 years.

After that, I enrolled in a numerology course, and now I am a certified numerologist. I am also studying astrology. Yesterday, I took delivery of my dream car.

What I have learned from Neeti ma'am is to believe in yourself. Your belief system and the universe are always ready to listen to you. So friends, dreams do come true. If mine can come true, then yours will too. May God bless you all.

Thank you to everyone for sending positive vibrations. Thank you so much, Neeti ma'am and Bharti ma'am, for being here and for making me personally, emotionally, and mentally strong.

No matter how many times I say thank you, it will never be enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior experience for this course?

No prior experience is needed. This course is designed for everyone, regardless of where you are on your self-love journey.

How long is the course?

The course is designed to be completed over 11 days, along with the content & following daily practices.

Can I take the course at my own pace?

Absolutely! While we provide a suggested schedule, you are free to progress at a pace that suits you.

What if I have questions during the course?

You’ll have access to our support team and course community to answer any questions and provide additional guidance.

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