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Navratra Enlightenment Workshop

Experience Spiritual Awakening in Next 9 Days with the Essence of Navratra

Starting From : Tuesday, 9th -17th APRIL 2024

This Workshop Is For You If....

  • You're yearning for a deeper connection with your spiritual self and a closer bond with the divine energies of Navratri.

  • You're on a journey of personal growth and inner transformation, the practices and insights shared in this workshop will be invaluable in helping you tap into your true potential.

  • You're in search of balance in your life or wish to explore healing practices that align with Navratri's energies

...then this is for you!

Are you ready to embark on a spiritual journey that will elevate your connection with the divine and fill your life with blessings? Navratra is a sacred time when the cosmic energies are at their peak, and with our course, you'll harness these energies to bring about profound changes in your life.

Here are the 9 Key Lessons you’ll do in the next 9 days:

Day 1 :

Maa Shailaputri

05:05 Mins

Meaning, Colors, Offerings, Mantras, Goals, & More

Day 2

Maa Brahmacharini

08:34 Mins

Meaning, Colors, Offerings, Mantras, Goals, & More

Day 3

Maa Chandraghanta

04:39 Mins

Meaning, Colors, Offerings, Mantras, Goals, & More

Day 4

Maa Kushmanda

07:05 Mins

Meaning, Colors, Offerings, Mantras, Goals, & More

Day 5

Maa Skandamata

06:10 Mins

Meaning, Colors, Offerings, Mantras, Goals, & More

Day 6

Maa Katyayani

05:15 Mins

Meaning, Colors, Offerings, Mantras, Goals, & More

Day 7

Maa Kalaratri

03:52 Mins

Meaning, Colors, Offerings, Mantras, Goals, & More

Day 8

Maa Mahagauri

04:41 Mins

Meaning, Colors, Offerings, Mantras, Goals, & More

Day 9

Maa Siddhidatri

07:41 Mins

Meaning, Colors, Offerings, Mantras, Goals, & More

During these 9 Days, You will get....

  • Unique Significance of Each Day

  • Mantras and Chants

  • Amazing Rituals

  • Colors and Offerings

  • Important Elements & Instructions

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Get a free certified 9 Mukhi Rudraksha (worth ₹1899)

Limited to the first 200 participants.

✅Experience divine energy with our 9 Mukhi Rudraksha pendant, symbolizing Goddess Durga's nine forms.

✅Significant during Navratri, it offers strength, protection, and spiritual growth.

✅The first 200 participants receive a free certified pendant, aiding meditation and focus.

✅Align with nine divine energies, facing life with courage.

Meet Your Host

Dr Neeti Kaushik

India's Leading Life Transformational Coach

"Nitty Gritty with Dr Neeti Kaushik” is a series of transformational sessions for all age groups, personally guided by Dr Neeti Kaushik, an educationist for 35 years & a heartfelt desire to serve humanity.

She has written 50 plus books on life skills and value-based education & bagged numerous awards and accolades for her enormous contribution to the education world. Her sessions help the uninitiated to get an insight into their lives (life’s quest, purpose, fears, goals, beliefs, self love )and easy-to-implement remedies, making the transformational journey truly resultoriented.

Dr Neeti Kaushik offers guided sessions aimed at one’s Personal and Spiritual Growth – Meditational practices, Chakras, Astrology, Numerology, Manifestation Techniques, Creating Vision Boards, Crystals Guidance, Moon-Meditation for Empowered Emotions, Simple healing practices , importance of Emotions & Gratefulness. The list focus to evolve as the BEST version of ourselves. Happy Journey Within!!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to awaken your spirit. Connect with Dr. Neeti Kaushik.

Dr. Neeti Kaushik Empowering Individuals in Enhancing Their Manifestation Abilities

Ready to Manifest Abundance? Join Us Now!

Dr. Neeti Kaushik Empowering Individuals in Enhancing Their Manifestation Abilities

Book your spot today and let the magic of Navratra unfold within you.

How Dr. Neeti Kaushik has assisted individuals in experiencing spiritual awakening

A Powerful Workshop That Delivers Life Changing Results!

Bina Haldankar

UI UX designer (website designer)

I have actively participated in nearly 6 to 7 of your workshops, both online and live sessions, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am eager to delve deeper into spiritual education. I would recommend creating a dedicated website for the workshops, as the videos shared on WhatsApp for day 1 to day 7 are large in size, and the accompanying PDF files often encounter format or space issues on phones. I encountered a situation where all the data was accidentally deleted. Perhaps, sharing the homework assignments on WhatsApp could be a solution. However, it's crucial that the lecture videos remain easily accessible to everyone attending the workshop for a better understanding.

Bharti Kikan


I fast during Navratras from last 25yrs but I never felt so spiritual, pure,clean and aligned with the higher self. Although I read गा सतशती daily during navratras but the daily explanation of particular devi maa, mantra related and it's beautiful explanation made the navratras more meaningful. I reasonated so much with daily mantras that I used to chant whenever I got time. It was truly a cherished experience. Looking forward to experience the same again With gratitude

Chandni Singh


The workshop was amazing. Felt good that I did something for the Goddess. Honestly, I didn't experience any breakthrough during that time. Actually I am facing health issues, so was expecting a miracle. But felt immensely satisfied. All due to your valuable guidance

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