The Path To Abundance.....................

Manifest Abundance Challenge

Transform Your Mindset and Attract Prosperity using 4 Step Process In Next 11 Days

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This Challenge Is For You If....

  • You're ready to break free from the limitations of scarcity and step into a life of abundance and prosperity.

  • You're ready to shift your mindset from lack to abundance and develop a prosperity consciousness that will open doors to limitless possibilities.

  • You're determined to unlock your true potential, tap into your unique gifts, and create a thriving and prosperous career or business.

  • You're interested in exploring the energetic principles behind abundance and want to learn how to align your energy with the flow of prosperity.

    You're committed to transforming your relationship with money

...then this is for you!

Are you ready to break free from all your limitations and manifest a life of abundance? Join us for a transformative 11 Day Manifest Abundance Challenge, where Dr Neeti Kaushik, a renowned expert in the field, will guide you through a unique journey of empowerment and abundance.

Here are the 11 Key Missions you’ll do in the next 11 days:

Day 1 :

Listing your Abundance goals

11:48 Mins

Defining abundance goals in 6 areas of your life Finance, Relationship, Health, Career, Spirituality, creativity

Day 2

Clearing your Mental blocks

07:00 Mins

Reflecting limited beliefs and challenging each one of them

Day 3

Gratitude Practice

04:39 Mins

Listing & visualizing 10 things you are grateful for

Day 4

Preparing Money Cheque

07:21 Min

Creating your own abundance cheque & signing by the universe

Day 5

Abundance affirmation

07:35 Mins

Creating list of abundance affirmations & repeating them morning & night

Day 6

Changing Subconscious Mind

10:06 Mins

Making a list of things / efforts / feelings / prayers you can give & taking committed action

Day 7

Generosity Practices

03:05 Mins

Working on subconscious mind through an audio of Earl Nightingale - The Strangest Secret

Day 8

Creating Manifestation Ritual

04:04 Mins

Understanding & implementing 369 Nikola Tesla method of manifestation

Day 9

Abundance Meditation

11:26 Mins

Guided meditation for attracting abundance & enhancing overall well - being

Day 10

Love Letter To Money

06:09 Min

Accessing your relationship with money & letting go unhealthy money mindset Bringing abundance through money energy

Day 11

Numbers & Sigils For Abundance

03:03 Mins

Understanding magical symbols for Attracting money & wealth Prosperity Abundance

After this Challenge, You will....

  • Reprogram your believes by contradicting them

  • Take powerful ,aligned actions to make your manifestations come true

  • Welcome prosperity and abundance in your life

Meet Your Host

Dr Neeti Kaushik

India's Leading Life Transformational Coach

"Nitty Gritty with Dr Neeti Kaushik” is a series of transformational sessions for all age groups, personally guided by Dr Neeti Kaushik, an educationist for 35 years & a heartfelt desire to serve humanity.

She has written 50 plus books on life skills and value-based education & bagged numerous awards and accolades for her enormous contribution to the education world. Her sessions help the uninitiated to get an insight into their lives (life’s quest, purpose, fears, goals, beliefs, self love )and easy-to-implement remedies, making the transformational journey truly resultoriented.

Dr Neeti Kaushik offers guided sessions aimed at one’s Personal and Spiritual Growth – Meditational practices, Chakras, Astrology, Numerology, Manifestation Techniques, Creating Vision Boards, Crystals Guidance, Moon-Meditation for Empowered Emotions, Simple healing practices , importance of Emotions & Gratefulness. The list focus to evolve as the BEST version of ourselves. Happy Journey Within!!

Join Dr. Neeti's mission to Transform Your Mindset and Attract Prosperity and

take your Life to the next level today.

Dr. Neeti Kaushik Empowering Individuals in Enhancing Their Manifestation Abilities

Ready to Manifest Abundance? Join Us Now!

Dr. Neeti Kaushik Empowering Individuals in Enhancing Their Manifestation Abilities

Ready to Manifest Abundance? Join Us Now!

A Powerful Workshop That Delivers Life Changing Results!

Nirupama more

Practicing Doctor, Mumbai

A blissful realistic positive state of mind that resonates so much with our thoughtfulness. More Powers to Dr Neeti mam..can go on and on scripting about the benefits of her presence

Bharti Kikan

Teacher, Delhi

I have understood the power of manifestations. The correct way to manifest, got to know my mental blockage and the ways to overcome them. Identify love for money and discovered beautiful guided meditation by you

Heerall Vora

Home Maker, Gujrat

Love to God, Trust on God, gratitude, Live in schedule, self confidence,self love, fearfree and positive thought process, Aap mere liye angel ho. Jise bhavanji ne specially mere thoughts change karke meri life me confidence boost kar k mere goal achieve kar Pau usi k liye guru bana k bheja hai .🙏 Dil se lots of love.❤❤❤❤❤ I LOVE YOU Ma'am.💖💖 Aise hi mere pe aapke ashirvaad

Banalata Dutta

Spiritual Practitioner, Kolkata

Performing activities mentioned in the course, I feel much positive. I have started to deal with my life challenges in a very cool and calm manner. I feel so much reinforced with self love and confidence. Thank u so much. ❤️❤️

Hetal Bhatt

content writer & Blogger, Bangalore

I have attended two courses. I feel like very calm, positive and full of abundance. One strange feeling I am feeling that I know money is coming to me bit right now I don't have desire money but still I am feeling that I have lots and lots money and no worries of future and no worries of kids education. I am feeling that all will be taken care....feeling so relaxed. Thank you ma'am for these courses

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