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Crystal Course Level - 1

Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the secrets of crystals!

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This Course Is For You....

  • You have a curiosity about crystals and want to explore their mystical properties.

  • You seek a deeper connection with the energy and healing potential of crystals.

  • You are a beginner looking for a comprehensive introduction to crystal lore and usage.

  • You want to enhance your spiritual practices with the aid of crystals.

  • You're ready to embark on a transformative journey with these ancient Earth treasures.

...then this is for you!

This course is designed to introduce you to the fascinating world of crystals, providing you with foundational knowledge and practical skills to deepen your understanding and connection with these beautiful and powerful crystals.


Chapter 0


07:23 Mins

Embark on a journey to discover the enchanting world of crystals and their profound impact on our lives.

Chapter 1

What Are Crystals?

07:37 Mins

Dive deep into the essence of crystals, unraveling their unique structures, energies, and the magic they hold.

Chapter 2

Connecting with Crystals

05:58 Mins

Learn the art of connecting with crystals, and understand why cleansing and charging are essential for their optimal performance.

Chapter 3

Methods to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

08:18 Min

Explore various techniques to cleanse and charge your crystals, unlocking their full potential in different ways.

Chapter 4

Crystals to Avoid in Sunlight and Water

06:47 Mins

Discover which crystals should be shielded from natural light and how to preserve their inherent qualities.

Chapter 5

Crystals that can be use anyone: No Consultation Needed

21:55 Mins

Explore a list of crystals that anyone can easily incorporate into their life without the need for expert guidance.

Chapter 6

Selecting Suitable Crystals for Yourself

08:05 Mins

Unlock the secrets to choosing crystals that align with your unique energy, personality, and goals.

Chapter 7

Various Forms and Protective Crystals

07:46 Mins

Explore different crystal forms and discover those that shield you from harmful radiation, promoting a balanced and harmonious environment.

Chapter 8

How to deal with Broken Crystals

04:05 Mins

Understand the significance of broken crystals and learn how to navigate the energies when your precious crystals experience fractures.

Chapter 9

Crystals for the 7 Chakras Healing

18:32 Mins

Delve into the world of energy centers with a guide to the best crystals for each of the seven chakras, promoting balance and alignment.

Chapter 10

Course Overview

07:24 Mins

Wrap up the course with insights on how to apply your newfound knowledge in everyday life, making crystals an integral part of your journey.

After this Course, You will....

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of different crystals, their properties, and how to harness their energies.

  • Learn how to select, cleanse, and program crystals for various purposes.

  • Utilize crystals to enhance your well-being, promote healing, and amplify your spiritual practices.

  • Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals passionate about crystals.

Meet Your Mentor

Dr Neeti Kaushik

India's Leading Life Transformational Coach

"Nitty Gritty with Dr Neeti Kaushik” is a series of transformational sessions for all age groups, personally guided by Dr Neeti Kaushik, an educationist for 35 years & a heartfelt desire to serve humanity.

She has written 50 plus books on life skills and value-based education & bagged numerous awards and accolades for her enormous contribution to the education world. Her sessions help the uninitiated to get an insight into their lives (life’s quest, purpose, fears, goals, beliefs, self love )and easy-to-implement remedies, making the transformational journey truly resultoriented.

Dr Neeti Kaushik offers guided sessions aimed at one’s Personal and Spiritual Growth – Meditational practices, Chakras, Astrology, Numerology, Manifestation Techniques, Creating Vision Boards, Crystals Guidance, Moon-Meditation for Empowered Emotions, Simple healing practices , importance of Emotions & Gratefulness. The list focus to evolve as the BEST version of ourselves. Happy Journey Within!!

Join Dr. Neeti's mission to Transform Your Mindset and Attract Prosperity and

take your Life to the next level today.

Dr. Neeti Kaushik Empowering Individuals in Enhancing Their Manifestation Abilities

Ready to Manifest Abundance? Join Us Now!

Dr. Neeti Kaushik Empowering Individuals in Enhancing Their Manifestation Abilities

Ready to Shine with Crystals? Join Us Now!

A Powerful Course That Delivers Life Changing Results!

Kirron Dhodi

Entrepreneur in Oil & Gas consultancy

Dear Madam, My heartfelt gratitude for changing my life 360 degrees. From Journaling to the world of crystals, I have learnt so much from you. Your workshop on crystals gave me an insight into the basic valuable knowledge of crystals through which when implemented gave me the self love and self confidence that I was lacking. I am looking forward to learn more and more from you. My heartiest congratulations for reaching to 1 Million viewers like me who have been benefited through you.

Tarikaa Chhugani

Personal Growth Coach

The knowledge and methods shared by Neeti Ma'am on crystals has brought a beautiful change in my life and career. Neeti Ma'ams indepth knowledge on Crystals has changed my life magically. Gratitude for the crystal suggestion ❤️ ❤️

Haraha Mirchandani

Home maker

Thank u so much ma'am for these amazing workshops ..I HV just started with my spiritual journey and I feel I have become better version of myself .. I already feel that God has blessed with more than I deserve . All your new moon and full moon meditation that I do HV worked a lot for me and I can resonate with them. Gratitude to you ma'am for teaching us each and everything to us and bringing a change in us .. May you always stay in the best of health 🙏💖❤️❤️

Shelja Sharma

Water color Artist and Art Educator

I attended a crystal workshop by Neeti Ma'am in 2022 and it completely changed my perspective on crystals. Before that, I had no idea about how crystals could bring positivity, abundance, and healing into our lives. I used to think crystals were only for people who consulted astrologers and wore them based on their birth charts. However, during the workshop, I learned that anyone can wear crystals daily for various purposes, regardless of their birth chart. Neeti Ma'am guided us on how to choose crystals based on what we want to manifest in our lives. I also learned about the importance of cleansing and energizing crystals with our intentions before wearing them. Neeti Ma'am taught us how to properly cleanse and recharge crystals, including which days of the month are suitable for charging them. Additionally, I gained knowledge about the different types and forms of crystals available. Incorporating these crystals into my life brought about a positive change. They helped me shift my mindset, infusing my life with healing energy and aiding me in achieving my goals. If you're new to crystals and want to learn how they can enhance your personal and professional life, relationships, and overall well-being, I highly recommend attending this workshop. You'll gain invaluable knowledge about crystals that you've never had before.

Bharti Kikan


Last year, I attended two live workshops on Crystals 🔮 conducted by Neeti mam and believe me since then I have been obsessed with their beauty, their power, their aura and their healing properties. I have become a crystal hoarder, hardly a month passes when I don't buy a crystal for myself or gift someone. The positive effect they had on me , the changes they brought in my life , the abundance they showered upon me in areas of health, wealth, peace, sprititual growth is incredible. The best part is they don't have any side or any ill effects. They can be used in innumerable forms like jewelry, decor, bracelets rings, coasters, jaap mala, hangings and the list goes on. I urge everyone to explore the beautiful and mesmerizing world of crystals.When so much efforts were put with so muchof conviction and trust, UNIVERSRE had no choice but to makeour DREAMS TURN INTO REALITY . I am grateful and full of gratitude for Neeti mam's valuable guidance and unwavering support and love.

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